C.R.K.T. Bottle Opener Paracord - Designed by Tom Stokes

Bottle Opener Paracord

Helps in every emergency. A stubborn beer cap, for instance.

You never know when trouble will hit. Best to be prepared with the Tom Stokes-designed paracord accessory. It features a bottle opener and three-foot length of paracord in black or tan on a non-load-bearing carabiner to clip to your pack. It will also work well with the other Stokes Paracord Survival Accessories like the Fire Starter, Compass, L.E.D. Light and Bottle Opener. Don't get caught unprepared—take it with you.

Applying technology understanding from his years in the aerospace industry, Tom Stokes of Williamsburg, Virginia, creates tools with a rare balance of artistic form and function. Survival Accessories are only effective if you can keep them nearby at all times, and Stokes manages to pack a lot of functionality into such a compact accessory.

This unique design is ideal for cinching or tying things down when you're in a bind and opening a well deserved cold one when all is said and done. It's also lightweight, and the non weight-bearing carabiner clips to your pack easily, so you'll always have it with you when you need it. Having had such great success with his other designs, the Bottle Opener Paracord Accessory was the next logical step in a long line of revolutionary products.

When trouble happens, make sure you have a solution easily within reach. 

Open Overall Length 5.8 inches
Weight 0.8 ounces


Includes 1 Carabiner
Includes 2 About 6 ft. of Paracord

15.00€ (alv 24%)

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